How your Chiro can help you enjoy this holiday season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays are upon us.  That means spreading holiday cheer…and possibly cold germs!  Yuck!  So what can your chiropractor do to help you stay healthy and be able to enjoy all this season has to offer?  More than you might think!

Your immune system is in a constant battle with germs that surround you daily.  Keeping your immune system in tip-top shape is the goal.  This helps you to use less sick time and spend more time enjoying your family.  We all know the holidays can be a time of great stress, which forces your immune system into overdrive.  So keeping your immune system running, not just well, but at maximum levels will greatly reduce your sick time.

Your spine plays host to your nervous system and this controls your immune system’s responses.  By getting ahead of subluxations (misalignments in the spine) this allows your nervous system to respond to incoming germs in appropriate and healthy ways.  This is when seeing a Chiropractor when you are well becomes your greatest asset.  Instead of waiting until you are hurting, plan now to see Dr. Koester on a regular basis.  This helps prevent not only pain, but keeps you healthy.

If you waited too long and are experiencing pain, make an appointment right away to correct the subluxation, which will lead to better health.  Dr. Koester has same-day appointments, so call Long Hollow Chiropractic at 615-851-3900 today to schedule an appointment for the whole family.  One of the greatest gifts you can give your family this holiday season is the gift of health!

Are you a new patient?  Visit our website at and see all that Dr. Koester can do to help you!

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