Is it Safe to *Crack* your own neck?


I absolutely dislike when I hear people say they need their neck or back *cracked*!  The only thing that is worse…to hear they *cracked* their own neck or back!  I know, I know, it sounds like a crack, but what you are actually hearing with the *crack* is a synovial joint will often pop or *crack*, called a cavitation when the joint is moved into the paraphysiologic space.   Gas is released which causes the familiar pop or *crack* sound.  For some, this is their assurance that the adjustment worked!  However, even if you do not hear this sound, your adjustment is still working!

Some try to *crack* their own back or neck, but this is just plain dangerous.  We have heard stories of people who ask their spouse or kids to stand (or even jump) on their back to alleviate the pain.  If you do this, you should reconsider.  A chiropractor spends 4 years (post bachelor’s degree) learning how the spine and body work together.  They spend an average of 2,000 hours of hands-on time learning to use safe techniques to keep your body functioning properly.  If you have someone who is untrained doing your adjustment, they are likely doing more harm than good.

When your body feels stiff, this indicates that a joint is restricted in its normal movement.  This requires other joints to move more to accommodate the restricted joint.  This leads to more stiffness.  If you are repeatedly*cracking* a sore spot, you are likely making the joints that are already too loose (the ones that have moved to accommodate the restricted joint) more loose and ignoring the ones that joints that are stuck.  This will ultimately lead to more issues.

When you feel out of alignment, see a board certified Chiropractor for a SPECIFIC adjustment that will give you more than just  short-term relief… but also long-term health!  Call Dr. Koester today!  615-851-3900 or visit

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