Pain relievers, are they worth the risk?


We’ve all done it.  Have a bit of a headache?  Reach for a pain reliever.  Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Celebrex and Aspirin are common pain relievers that Americans often take without much thought.  These are called NSAID’s.  They are assumed to be safe and effective.  While many people suffer with minor irritations, such as a headache or minor back pain, millions of Americans live with chronic pain each day.  Unfortunately, many of these people suffering will reach for an NSAID, sometimes many pills, every day.  Seems like a good solution, right?  Think again…

The FDA has recently revised and strengthened their warning linking heart safety to pain relievers.  They raise your risk of heart attack and stroke.  Even as much as taking it regularly for a week can put you at risk.

While many in the medical field would suggest tying less invasive medications such as Tylenol for pain management, I would suggest something even better… Chiropractic!  Spinal adjustments often can completely get rid of your pain, rather than just mask it like pain relievers.  Instead of covering up your pain, get to the root of the problem and fix it so you can live a pain-free life without experiencing unwanted side effects.

The only side effect of Chiropractic is health!


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